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Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Day with My Girl

Makenna woke up this morning and announced at breakfast, "Today is going to be a great day. I am not going to whine, talk like a baby, or cry.  I want to have a good day".  I was very impressed.  Makenna will be five in February and I am definitely noticing she is getting more mature(as mature as an almost five year old can be).  Ha! 
Todd took the boys to the Hot Rod shop to goof around and Makenna and I declared an all girl day.  Just her and mama.  I love time with her alone.  She doesn't have to fight for my attention and I can just concentrate on her.  We are able to have a real conversation and I find she asks more questions and I am able to actually give a good thought out answer. 

She is a total diva and loves for me to take her picture. Standing next to the hose in the front yard was her idea.

She is a true girly-girl.  Loves to dress up, loves changing her outfit three times a day (although usually it is into a bathing suit), looking in my makeup bag, and LOVES jewelry.  She has her own jewelry box that she received for Christmas last year.  She has everything neatly organized in there.  This morning she was organizing my jewelry box and seeing which earrings she could keep in her box until she gets her ears pierced.   

We had a great afternoon together, doing all the things girls do. Eat, shop and just hang out.  I want it to always be like this.  For her to be thrilled to spend a whole day with mama.  One mama can only hope.  I love you little peach.   


todd said...

I love it babe. Makenna looks pretty sweet. I should have taken pics of the boys on our fun adventure.

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