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Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Full Day

I love a full Saturday.  You get up early to go tackle the day. A trip to Starbucks is usually part of the routine.  Salted Carmel Mocha.  Have you tried this?
To. Die. For.   Mmm...go now.  You need one. 
Family came into town for the morning and the twins couldn't contain their excitement. Cousin Connor who is seven months older (but about six inches taller) was coming and he couldn't get here fast enough (according to the twins).

My brother and I were married three weeks apart and it is fun to be in the same stage of life together. Seeing our kids play together makes me thankful.  I loved being close in age to my cousins, and have very fond memories thanks to my parents and grandparents, for providing the trips to make the memories. 

Carolina and Connor. My brother and his wife just need one more baby and then we will be even.  Ha!

We went to the Pumpkin Patch today and it felt like it was the middle of July.  Hot. Got to love going to pumpkin patches in October.  No cozy sweaters here.  Makenna wore a sundress with no orange in it.  I didn't even argue. 


Making a new recipe was required today for dinner with neighbors.  Decided on a trifle.  It was a huge hit.  I mean how can brownies, pudding, and whip cream not be a pleaser?

I love our neighborhood and the good people that live here.  It is a place my children cherish.  Neighbors with kids the same age as ours is another perk to living here. 

Bubbles in yellow boots. You know, in case it rains at the neighbors. Oh my sweet Landon.

Dress-up for my girl and getting to chew bugglegum at the neighbors...even better. 

Sweet Grace who Makenna adores and gives her the best hand me downs.   One sweet Disney night gown that Makenna is sleeping in right now. 

Good neighbors that make one of my favorite drinks=Keepers. Yes we need a bigger house but I never want to move. 

Cheers to an awesome Saturday of family, friends, and fun.
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