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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Heart Squeezing Moments

Have you seen the Disneyland commercial?  When this comes on TV, my heart feels squeezed and I feel the need to plan a trip to Disneyland ASAP.  At random times a moment, song, or picture squeezes my heart and makes me want to stop time.  Does that make sense??

I was reading a photography blog a few weeks back that had an encouraging tip about getting in more pictures with your family, and not always being behind the camera.  I am really guilty of always snapping the pictures and not passing the camera off to my hubby.  Today I decided to set the timer and take some pics. This is going to be a new goal of mine among many.

Weston loves smoothies right after we get back from the gym. Banana, yogurt and orange juice smoothies. Mmm....

When I look at pictures like this it squeezes my heart just like that Disneyland commercial. 


There are some pretty sweet moments in our house where the kids are playing together so well, and I can just stand and watch, and they seem to not even realize I am there.  Their conversations and interaction are another heart squeezing event. 

The moment the camera comes out they usually get distracted, so I try to be as quiet as I can.  When I am successful, I love what I get to see and hear.
 "Let's go Weston and Lamby. We need to stop at Starbucks to get a Frapachino.  Let's go, we are going to be late." ( I wonder where she heard this!)

(Landon was playing quietly during this time thankful for the break of having to share his favorite toys with his younger brother-Ha!)

There are times I feel my kids are way too close in age. You know the times when I am at the grocery store just to grab something very quick and the kids are loud and people are staring.  Or how about in a public restroom when they are shouting to hear their voice echo and trying to touch everything dirty and gross. Other times though when I watch them interact, I am thankful they are so close.

 You sweet muffins.  Here is to more heart squeezing events all around. 


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