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Friday, October 21, 2011

Night Out

I had a night out with some of my girls from my Heart to Heart table tonight.  Dessert at one of my favorite restaurants in town. Yum.  I had Tirimisu in case you were wondering.

Anytime I am getting ready, Makenna is right there asking if she can put on makeup.  She usually just gets a little lipgloss, but tonight I let her put on what she wanted.  Oh what fun she had. 

 Our nails had to be painted.  Makenna chose the color on the left. Mine on the right. 

I like when I am not in rush to get ready, and I can truly listen and answer her never ending questions about girl stuff.:)  She is non stop chatter when it comes to makeup and nail polish.

All dressed and ready to go.  Can we talk about these jeans for a minute?  Paige Jeans.  I just discovered them and I am in love. I found them at Nordstroms Rack for a little cheaper than anywhere else (that I know of). I wear them all the time and I have decided I really need to get a second pair.  This pair is a skinny jean style.  I vowed I would NEVER wear skinny jeans because they don't look attractive on a tall girl, but skinny jeans with boots. Oh yes. Me likey.  They have stretch in them and don't get baggy in the butt by the end of the day. Fabulous. 

I had a great time with my Heart to Heart women tonight. God is good.  Thanks for coming out and giving me a reason to wear my Paige Jeans! :) Happy Weekend!
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