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My Family


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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Just another Tuesday

Our CD came today and I loved looking through all of our pictures. Having pictures taken outside I feel is the best way to take pictures with little kids.  The photographer clicking away as you hang out in front of the camera.  Love. 

Which wall to put these pictures up on?


Today was Franklin day at the twins preschool.  You know Franklin, the cute little turtle.  I think it is a cute name for Harvest Festival.  I was able to volunteer in their class and get to know their classmates and teacher a little bit better. I feel so lucky to have them at such a great school. 

Landon and Makenna love being a Squirrel mainly because their teachers are so fabulous.

Teachers are so underated, especially preshool ones.  Many think they are just babysitting. I think they are giving four year olds a great head start in school. 

I love that my kids are happy here.  I remember when we were talking about the twins going to preschool.  Knowing the cost of where we wanted to send them made us think twice. Seeing them today makes it all worth it. 

Fun at school.   Starburst Bingo! What could be better!?


I was a happy Momma today because I was able to watch Makenna dance without the interruption of two little boys.  She is completely in her element.  Her instructor was sick so her class was combined with the older dancers. They worked on a little Halloween dance. Adorable. 

Night Night!  

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