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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Looking back over Octobers

Halloween is three days away.  The only reason I like this holiday is because I like to dress the kids up and see them trick or treat.  That's it.  I am not a fan of the gory decorations or people who wear masks.  Creeps me out. 
This has been the best year yet regarding anticipation for the holiday. Four year olds have no concept of time and think everything should happen when they wake up in the morning or in five minutes.
As we anticipate this spooky holiday, I have been reflecting on the kids and how they have looked and acted the last four years.

Year One...pretty darn sweet.  Eight month old little lamb and little bunny.

Halloween was pretty much dressing the twins up and taking pictures. 

Year Two...

Seven months pregnant with Weston here at our Harvest Festival. Todd at home "resting" from his big "V" procedure.  We felt three kids were enough.

 20 months..Dog and Kitty. Landon was not a fan of his dog hatAll Landon wanted to do was push this wagon and they both just walked into people's homes when they opened the door to trick or treat.  Ha!


Year three...Twins 2 1/2 years old and Weston 10 months old

I was excited to finally be able to pull her hair up into a rubber band with a big bow!

We have a lady bug and a waste management guy, oh and we brought the dog costume back.  Note that Landon was 20 months when he wore this.  Ha!

Year Four..Twins 3 1/2 and Weston 1 1/2...First year the twins requested what they wanted to be- Train Conductor and Tinkerbell. They understood what trick or treating meant after the first house. So fun to watch. 

Year Five..We have a mermaid and Garbage truck drivers (in regular clothes...(Landon's idea)) in the house this year. Weston of course just wants to be what big brother is going to be.  Makenna spent a lot of time on looking at different princess costumes.   This year the twins know what to expect and truly can't wait to go door to door to trick or treat, followed by fun times at the Harvest Festival at church.  Makenna keeps saying that Halloween is taking a long time.  In due time sweet girl! 

Happy Friday!
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Ashley@Heart2Heart said...

Your family is so beautiful! I LOVE the costumes! :)

Kristy said...

How cute!!!!!

michelle said...

Ashley..I can't find where your comment went but I moved the followers gadget to the top! That should be easier for following along! Thanks!

Brit @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

Super cute pictures!! Newest follower from the blog hop! Look forward to getting to know you and your little blog better :)

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