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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pinterest and Ballet

Let's talk about Pinterest for a minute.  Many people are pinning away and some don't even know what a pin is.  You need to be invited to get started and once you do you won't want to stop.  It is like an endless stack of magazines to go through. I enter something in the search engine like "Decorating for Halloween", and a lot of pictures will pop up that I can "repin" on to a board that I have named.  I can refer back to this board/pin at a later time to find out paticular details. The picture will refer me back to the actual website it was pinned from.  Inspiration after every pin.  Love, Love, Love.  (leave me your email address in the comment area below and I will send you an invite)!
So I have a board titled "Ideas" and I found an idea for making a collage for a wall in our bedroom of our trash the dress pictures.  I found an online photo lab called  I ordered sixteen 12 by 12 frameless standout pictures that are ready to hang.  25% off first order. Oh yeah!  I placed the order Sunday and it arrived today.  Love fast service!

This is truly exactly what I wanted.  Love seeing an idea come to fruition. Can't wait for this to go up on the wall.  Todd has some work to do when he gets home!

Makenna has ballet every Tuesday from 4 to 5 pm. This time is not a good time to make a two year old wait inside a cramped room for his sister to do ballet.  Toys and snacks don't work.  Could be because he has been carted around all day doing errands with mama and he is at the end of his rope.   I wondered what the other moms thought today of my parenting skills. Truly.  Embarrassing at moments.  I had my camera there to take pictures of Makenna dancing her sweet heart out. Not going to to happen.  I finally waved the white flag and took the boys outside into the hot sun. 

He sat peacefully on the concrete looking at the dirt.  Was hoping one of the moms would come outside and see him being so quiet.  :)

Of course my phone doesn't work inside the cramped room.  I wish it did.  Thank you to people who post train videos on Youtube. This mom appreciates it. 

Just when I thought it was safe to go and get Makenna from ballet, she comes running towards us with a lollipop.  Just one lollipop.  Meltdown from the two year old. Time to go.  I was able to control the tears in the car when I said we had new tootsie roll pops at home.  This did the trick. 

I use to judge other moms before I had kids.  Now I just know they are doing the best they can in that moment of time.  I know I sure am. 

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valdivia said...

hey the blog! i have been thinking about doing one myself for awhile...just where to find the time!! Also very interested in pinterest...send me an invite! i think you have my email...:)

michelle said...

HI Kindra! Thank you! I sent you an invite to Pinterest! So fun!

Tana said...

Hey Michelle! Love your blog. I would love an invitation to pinterest. Do you think you could send me an invite? Thanks!

Estela Quesada said...

Michelle, absolutely love your blog. Your pictures look amazing. You have an amazing family. I would love to get an invitation to pinterest.

michelle said...

Will do estela! Thank you!

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