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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Skating and A Great Bottle of Wine

The twins have been begging us to take them roller skating.  Today after church, we decided to take them over to the little roller skating rink located in the little town of Franklin.  Todd and I felt like we were back in 8th grade with the disco ball, dim lights, and greasy pizza. 
Weston we assumed would not want to skate, so him and Todd sat while I laced up the twins and headed to the rink.

We went around once (me trying to hold them both up)  laughing the whole way, and then that was it.  Their feet hurt and the skates immediately came off.  Weston picked up Makennas skates (they wear the same size shoe) and said he wanted to skate. So off we went. He LOVED it. We were quite the pair on the rink. Me being about 6 foot 4 with my skates on, hunkered over trying to help a two year old skate. Needless to say my back is sore.

I felt the need to go around the rink a few times by myself, ya know for old times sake.  

Weston didn't want to leave.  Real tears and everything.  Looks like him and I may have to come back again real soon.

We decided to take a drive which we love to do on Sundays.  We wound up at a winery where we bought a great bottle of wine, and found great grounds to explore. 

I highly recommend the wine.  Happy week ahead everyone!
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Mike B. Sutton said...

what a post....

William said...

I have found that skate bearings are often neglected by the novice skater. Most new skaters focus on the boot and the wheels. They will keep the boots polished and the wheels clean and think that is all they need to do to maintain their skates. But if you don't take care of the bearings, you will have some costly problems down the road.

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