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My Family


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Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Smiles

This weekend we had family pictures taken out in Clarksburg among the vineyards.  I always stress about family pictures regarding what we should wear and how the kids are going act. Three under the age of five and you can pretty much guarantee someone isn't going to want their picture taken. Our photographer was so wonderful and captured our family and every ones personalities in every single picture. The weather was gorgeous and even though the kids weren't looking/smiling in every shot I still love them all. In 10 years it won't matter that we aren't looking picture perfect.  The picture tells our story for that moment in time.

This captures us perfectly. Chaos circling us!

Us-October 2011


We headed to Todd's parents house after pictures for fun and celebrating birthdays.
Weston caught a snooze on the way there.

  A change of scenery for the weekend is always welcome for everyone.  Kids get to eat way too much sugar.

We stay in jammies just a little longer.

The kids are endlessly entertained. 

This scary doll that use to belong to Todd, Weston became attached to.  I made sure it did not make it back home with us. 

Todd grew up on five acres and the kids love to explore every inch.

Exploring in the leaves

On the way home we had to stop at this cute fruit stand. The kids were excited to stretch their legs.

I love quaint places off the side of the road. 

We bought over priced pistachio nuts for the kids to try for the first time. Yum. They loved them.

As my kids ran through the orchard I wished our photographer was there at that moment to capture their smiles and giggles, especially since my camera had died after the shot above was taken.  oh well...such is life! 

Happy Monday!  Hope your weekend was a good one! What exciting things did you do?

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