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Monday, October 24, 2011


Today we were Boo-ed.  Well technically on Saturday but we didn't find it until today.  The kids were over the top excited. They giggled and talked about it for a half hour.  Little things that make kids happy.

I love traditions.  Come the month of December and I have a lot of things we have done since the kids have been little, that we will do again.  I love to incorporate what my parents did with my brothers and I, and carry it out with our kids. So fun. 
I have been looking for tradition ideas to do with the kids this month.  I came across a Facebook post today that talked about reading spooky or silly books by candlelight.  Love it.  We did this tonight outside cozy in jammies and wrapped in blankets.  Huge hit. 

This will be a new tradition we do every October for sure. 

My sweet husband is home this week and hasn't started this week out well.  He was sawing off a candle for us to use outside, and sliced into his finger.  Ugh.  I think he needs stitches, he says liquid bandage will do the trick.  Hopefully slicing his finger will not be part of the yearly tradition. 

Landon quickly went and got a Dora bandage to make Daddy feel better. 

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