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Monday, October 31, 2011


We are a half hour away from getting dressed up for Halloween. The kid are so excited especially since I said they can have candy when they are in their costume. They can't wait!

This weekend was filled with so many fun things. Morning walks are my favorite when it is chilly outside. 

Highlight of this walk.  Train Tracks.

Our goal on this walk was to gather some beautiful leaves for our table at home.  The only beautiful leaves were far away and on one tiny tree.  Got to love fall in Sacramento. 

By the time this walk was over, all hats, gloves, and sweatshirts were off.  We felt like going swimming when we got home.  Toasty October day.


Todd and I have started trying to go on a date twice a month. Get a sitter and get out of the house.  Double dating with old friends over sushi. Even better!

Nothing is better than easy conversation, laughing, catching up, and eating a zig zag roll.  If you haven't had a zig zag roll at Mikuni's,  you need to.  Deliciousness.


On Sunday I got out of my comfort zone and was a model for a day at a Flower Farm.  Myself at the ripe age of 33 and three other 19 year old models (yes, I was the Grandma)  worked some magic for 14 photographers for 4 hours.  It was a high fashion glam photo shoot and it was a blast.  I loved watching the photographers figure out the correct lighting to get the perfect shot.  One of the other models said she would still be my friend, after she found out how old I was. Classic. Pictures to come. 

Todd captured this for fun. 

My kids are circling me.  Time to do Halloween! Be safe out there and Happy Halloween! 

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Brian said...

I enjoy looking back at this one. That was a fun night with you two!

michelle said...

Yes it was! Must do again!

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