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Monday, November 7, 2011

Christmas is Coming

I know. Thanksgiving hasn't even arrived and I am doing a Christmas post. I am just trying to be a little more organized before December is here. I will let you know how it works out.  Ha!  My Christmas cards have arrived. I am off to a good start! 

Before I list out my ideas I wanted to touch on some things I heard from a speaker this morning at church.  Sometimes we get so caught up in making the whole month of December "perfect" that we become overwhelmed and our expectations end up not being met. We want the perfect gifts for our children, perfect photos,  perfect memories, etc.  What memories do you remember as a child?  I remember ones that didn't cost a lot of money. Decorating the tree as a family while sipping cider through a cinnamon stick, is a favorite memory of mine. My goal is to create moments with my kids that they can reflect on when they are older.


I have found a few new ideas for Christmas.  I have been looking for a cute way to count down to Christmas. Ideas tucked neatly inside! 

Here are some cute ideas to do during the month of December (these are tucked inside the envelopes)...

~   Read about the birth of Jesus

~   Make Paper Snowflakes

~   Bake Cookies

~   Drink hot cocoa

~   Bring Treats to neighbors

~   Drive around and view Christmas lights

~   Go to the library and check out Christmas books

~   Take pics with Santa

~    Read our favorite Christmas story

  • Watch a Christmas movie

  • Make Christmas cards for the garbage men (ours are extra special)

  • Make hot cider in the crock pot

  • Box up old toys and take to the good will

  • ~   Decorate the Christmas tree and the house

    ~   Make Candy Cane playdough

    ~   Make Peppermint whip cream magic

    ~   Wrap a few gifts together

    ~   Watch the Grinch that Stole Christmas

  • Leave a surprise on someone’s doorstep

  • Make gingerbread men cookies

  • Take a cozy walk

  • Take donations to the Food Bank

  • Go on the Polar Express

  • ~    Decorate a gingerbread house

    ~   Set up the Nativity Scene

    ~   Make a birthday cake for Jesus


    We started a tradition last year that I had heard about and it was a big hit!
    Elk on a Shelf.   Looking forward to being more creative with where the kids find him this year. 

    Every year I give the kids an ornament that has their name and the year on it.  My mom did this for my brothers and I and it was so special to me. I loved having enough ornaments to decorate our tree when we were first married.

    If all of these ideas don't get accomplished or look like the pictures on pinterest that's ok. Cookies may get burned and the gingerbread house may not get perfectly frosted.   I don't want my kids to remember their mom as a cranky gal during the month of December.  I just want it to be a time where we are together making memories. 

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