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My Family


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Monday, November 14, 2011

Just a little hoop

We have three older boys that live across the street from us.  All three of them love to play basketball.   Landon and Makenna are just getting to the age where they are asking me if they can go and play ball with them.  The boys are always outside playing. Tonight they asked me if they could go play as soon as we pulled into the driveway. We had some time before dinner, so I said they could.
Josh who is in sixth grade immediately said yes and lowered the hoop.  He gathered some balls for them and let them join in making their night.

The three boys across the street are so good to my kids. Their kindness is so appreciated. 

Their skills have my kids inspired.

They even didn't mind letting my girl play in her princess dress! 

Thankful today for older boys that are good examples for my children.

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Anonymous said...

This is so sweet Michelle! Great 'shot' of Josh!! ~Robin

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