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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Thanksgving Traditions

I needed some traditions to add to Thanksgiving other than eating turkey and pumpkin pie. I want more to remember than just doing the dishes ten minutes after we have eaten!   I went on a Pinterest hunt and was excited about what I found.  This will be the first time we host some family at our house for Thanksgiving. OH and by the way, like I have said before if you aren't on Pinterest you need to be.  Leave me a comment with your email and I will send you an invite. 

I didn't find this on Pinterest but we are going to join others at the 3rd annual Elk Grove Turkey Trot. The twins are going to do the 1/4 mile and Todd and I will push our three kid stroller for the 5K. Might as well burn some calories before dinner! 

I have always grown up saying what we are thankful for around the dinner table at Thanksgiving. This is a new twist on it.  A gratitude roll is something we will add to our table. Love it. 

We are starting a Thanksgiving book. The twins are the perfect age for starting this and I know we will treasure it as the years march on.

What are some of your traditions for Thanksgiving? Leave me a comment. You know you want to. :)

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Melanie said...

Love it! May have to steal your idea....:)..will you send me an invite to Pinterest love reading your blog Michelle! Your kids are beautiful..And we always say what we are thankful for at the dinner table as hearing the kids answers. As for a 5k....hmmmm...not so sure about that! LOL!

michelle said...

Invite sent Melanie!! Come 5 K?? Lol

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