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Friday, November 25, 2011

Tree Hunt

I love the day after Thanksgiving. Besides the yummy leftovers, it usually means going out to find the perfect tree.  We headed out to Wilton this afternoon to Billy's Farm.  I love the fire in the fire pit, farm animals, hay rides, free hot chocolate and popcorn, friendly staff, and beautiful Christmas trees. Usually we hunt for an hour for the perfect tree and then cut it down. Not this year. Todd spotted a beautiful Doug Fir all cut and ready to be taken home.  We had to have it.  There is something to say about the trees from Oregon. Gorgeous. 
The weather was perfect for looking for a tree (scarves needed) and we enjoyed everything the farm had to offer. 

My cowboy...

Not quite sure why I stood like this. I promise I am not pregnant.


Our tree is laden with ornaments and some strands of lights that don't work.  (note to self to throw lights away after Christmas that don't light up).  Many of the ornaments are at the bottom of the tree and at perfect height level of a four year old.  It was very tempting to fix the ornaments to my liking after the kids went to bed but I have resisted.  The kids had the best time pulling them out and hanging them on the tree.  It was so fun to watch and listen to. 

Did you get your tree today?

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