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My Family


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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Hands down the best Christmas so far.  It was relaxing, fun, cozy, full of laughter, and lots of wonderful memories were made. 

The twins woke us up and then woke up Weston so we could get Christmas going.  Not too bad that they didn't wake up until seven.  Bed heads all around, we opened presents together.  The kids played with their toys and stayed cozy in their jammies. The morning wasn't rushed and I loved that.  Growing up I was always at a grandparents house for Christmas morning.  While I loved that I don't really have memories of being at home Christmas morning.  I want my kids to wake up in their own home on Christmas. I think that is a really special tradition.

We headed on over after celebrating as a family of five, to my parents house to do #2 celebration. Excited cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents awaited.  I love my parents home. The way it smells, the decorations, the laughter, and the way my kids enjoy being there. 

My sister in laws shoes?  Completely deserved a picture all of their own. 

Happy Birthday Jesus!!

Sister in law who has the awesome shoes and who bakes amazing Happy Birthday Jesus Cakes~!

We started the tradition of toasting with sparkling cider at special events. 

Toasting to a wonderful day celebrating the birth of Jesus with family!


The five kids were babysat (thanks Chuck and Nancy) while we went Segwaying in Healdsburg! Taking a Segway through the beautiful vineyards of Sonoma County and making two stops at wineries is a great way to spend a Monday afternoon. 

This mustard is my favorite.  I didn't realize it bloomed in December. So breathtaking in the vineyards!

Bought some amazing Port from Christopher Creek winery. 

Ever seen a 6 foot 7 man ride a Segway?  I hadn't either. 

Kisses in the vineyard?  Yes please. 


The wonderful afternoon ended with a family lunch in Healdsburg sans children.  Best Chicken salad I have ever had.


I had been wanting to take pictures of my cousin, neice, and Makenna together in Santa Rosa over Christmas. Turned out just how I wanted.  This weather in December?  Photographer's dream!

Can't get any girlier than dolls, bows, necklaces, and fancy skirts!

Weston is officially three.

 We decided last year that we would celebrate Weston's birthday in June and only do a cake in December. So much easier! 

His choice for a cake was a basketball cake. I am not a decorator by any means. 

His sweet and excited reaction is all that mattered. He loved the cake.

The wonderful weekend flew by, ending with a cousin sleep over.  The kids are really getting into all these holidays. They asked which holiday is next and what are we doing? 

I hope that all of you had a wonderful weekend celebrating.  May this week be awesome as we head into a New Year!!

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Jenn said...

Such a beautiful family Michelle - and what cherished memories you captured!! Merry Christmas :)

michelle said...

Thanks Jenn!!

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