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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day in SF

We are having a lot of fun with our advent calendar!  Today was Day 18. The card read, Spend the day in San Francisco with family.  The kids were thrilled!
We left early and headed down to meet my brother, sister in law, niece and nephew. The weather was chilly but amazing for being San Francisco.  Not windy and the sun was shining! I love a long day spent doing so many fun things.  The kids always have such a ball.

This is how we roll.  Today a woman made my day as we were waiting to cross the street by asking if they were all my kids. After I told her they were she said "Damn girl, you look good.  Merry Christmas to you!"  Haha!!  We always get so much attention with our stroller!  It is our pack mule!

I always have some sort of story to tell when I leave the city of San Francisco. Today it was seeing a naked man walking around wearing a Santa hat. Truly only in San Francisco can you walk around nude and not get arrested.  Rules: Don't get aroused and don't sit down and the cops will leave you alone. Wow.

I love beautiful hotels and San Francisco has so many of them. 

Snowing inside the hotel!  Oh fun!

Our kids love to be together and I love that. Best buds.  You wouldn't guess by Weston's face here, but he was having fun!

Public transportation in SF looks so swanky.  Weston and Landon so desperately wanted to ride it.  Next time my sweet boys. 

I love kids.  Why not dance in the middle of Pier 39?  I mean they are playing music.

Grace Cathedral has to be one of the most beautiful churches. I couldn't resist a picture out front. 

This gingerbread house was amazing inside the Fairmont Hotel.  1500 lbs of icing was used, 7500 homemade gingerbread bricks, and 650 lbs of candy. 

Really? I don't think it is our year for a family pic.

Till Christmas sweet Cousin.  Drive safe home. 

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Melissa said...

SO fun! Well..minus the naked guy!!!

michelle said...

Hahaha! Gave us something funny to laugh about all day long!!!! The kids kept asking why we were laughing so much!

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