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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pizza and Lights

Tonight we did pizza in front of the tree before we headed out to look at Christmas lights.

Cheese for the kids. Veggie for me. Chicken garlic for Todd.

I put a post on Facebook asking where to go and look at lights in Elk Grove and a place called Point Pleasant was recommended. We went last night but didn't bring jackets for the kids and I didn't have my camera! So we went back tonight. 

This place is amazing. 19 years ago the sister of the family died of cancer. The family decided to start a Christmas traditon in her honor.  Every year people are able to come and choose an ornament for a deceased loved one.  The loved ones name goes on it and is hung on a tree in the yard. The ornaments are put out every year for family members to come back and find. So awesome.  

Four years ago the mother of the family died and now each year the family cuts down a tall tree for the middle of the yard. 14,000 lights decorate the tree.  It is awesome. 

We enjoyed walking the pathway to admire all of the lights and Christmas decorations. 

Santa was visiting tonight.  The kids were excited they would be able to sit on his lap.

Can you tell Makenna was eating Oreos?

We were freezing by the end of walking around and admiring everything. We warmed up by the fire with some hot cider and more cookies. Delicious. 

We decided to leave when Landon said he couldn't feel his toes because they were frozen. It was 39 degrees out!

This will be a new tradition. Next year we will all wear another layer of clothing!

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