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My Family


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Thursday, December 22, 2011

They're back.

 On Tuesday I dropped the kids off in Vacaville with my mom where she went back to Santa Rosa with them.  My parents wanted a little grandkid time right before Christmas.  You know, to do all of the fun things there are to do with kids during the month of December. As I pulled away on Tuesday from the Nut Tree I could see all three of them waving good bye to me.  I felt excited about all the memories they would make with my parents over the next two days. I received picture texts the whole time and just felt thankful.  Thankful for grandparents that wanted to make memories with my kids.  Taking care of three kids is no easy task especially when they are under the age of five!  I was grateful for the time alone to be able to Christmas shop all. day. long. and enjoy time with Todd at a yummy sushi dinner. Sleeping in wasn't half bad either. I was able to shop in Old Elk Grove (where my stroller doesn't fit and little hands want to touch everything) at The Red Door and found this cute sign. By the way..Happy Winter.  Love this season right behind fall. 

When I picked them up today three bears were pushed excitedly into my arms. Three build-a- bears had been created and they were oh so cute.  Birth certificates accompanied all three. (I guess Makenna didn't realize the one she chose is a cat). :) On the way home all three took turns telling me what they did while they were in Santa Rosa with Papa and Lala.  We pointed out buses, trains, and cars the whole way home.  We cranked up the music and sang songs together.

I love time alone without the kids.  I feel rejuvenated and refreshed.  The house though feels different and a little empty.  Only having to make one bed in the morning and just getting myself dressed and fed is a treat, but after few days of it, I am ready for them to come home. 

Even though Makenna cried tonight for 45 minutes before dinner (about being tired) I was happy to have them home. 

So thank you Mom and Dad for taking our kids and making memories with them, allowing me to be able to accomplish a lot before Christmas, helping me feel refreshed and for reminding me that a full, noisy, busy, and dirty house is a thing to be thankful for. 

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