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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve and the Giveaway Winner

What a wonderful day!  We headed out to go ice skating in Sacramento at the outdoor skating rink.  The kids had never been so I had no idea what to expect.  The weather was chilly but the sun felt so good on our faces. 

We laced up and put on our thick cozy gloves. 

I took each of them around the ice once just to get use to it. Todd refuses to ice skate. He is afraid he will break a wrist! Ha! So it was me and the three kids.  He took pictures from the sidelines.  All I have to say is that bending over and holding the arms of a two year old who likes to do dead weight is a great butt exercise. 

After about the third time around the kids started getting confident. So fun to watch!

I finally figured out the best way for Weston to get around the ice.  We put his skates on the cone, had him hold on, and I pushed him around.  Hard on the back but hey, he loved it!

The kids did not want to leave and Landon asked if he could get a pair of ice skates.  I love when a first experience is such a good one.  I would say that they perfer ice skating over roller skating. They had a lot of fun. 

We dined at Johnny Rockets for lunch. We enjoyed our lunch together and Todd and I talked about how it was getting so much easier to take them out to eat.  They are growing up. 

Christmas Eve is not complete for me without attending church.  I love getting dressed up and all sitting together signing songs hearing about the real meaning of Christmas. There is no nursery so the kids have to come in with us.  They think this is a really big deal. They love singing and love to clap after each song. Pastor Jason called all the kids up on stage to get a candy cane and hear a story. They loved it.  Even though they were a little fidgety it was a great time together and a wonderful message to hear.

My three big kids.  So excited for Christmas morning.

We tracked Santa on the Ipad to see exactly where he was flying...

Got cozy in jammies and sprinkled reindeer food on the lawn...

Shared some cookies with Santa...Mr. Elf is going to wait up since he is heading back to the North Pole until next year...the kid will miss him. 

Weston couldn't stop talking about how Santa was going to eat the cookies when he came down the chimney. So sweet.  After reading some stories the kids quickly got into bed knowing Santa would be here in the morning. 

Santa has come and we are ready!  Can't wait to see their sweet faces tomorrow morning!


And the winner is....

There were 16 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. jerilee
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Timestamp: 2011-12-25 06:00:35 UTC

I put your name in once if you became a follower (not just a subscriber but a follower). I can tell you are a follower if you have a box with your name in it under Follower. I put your name in twice if you told me what you were looking forward to this weekend!!

Thanks for playing! That was fun! Jerilee! I will be emailing you!! She will receive three months of Birchbox on me! 

Merry Merry Christmas Eve!  I hope tomorrow brings much joy as we celebrate the birth of Jesus with loved ones. 


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