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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February Fun

February 1st is tomorrow. Love month. I enjoy this month because my sweet twins were born at the end of it, it has a day in it where you get to have an excuse to have a nice dinner with your loved one, and it follows a usually very gloomy long January.  (although not gloomy this year). 

I have found some Valentines crafts/treats via Pinterest that I want to try in this upcoming month and I wanted to share them with you. 

 Awesome Heart Ice Cream Sandwiches:

My littles are obsessed with mailboxes/mail. These on Valentines Day.

A fun printable for Valentines Day:

This free download for paper bags is adorable! Check it out!!!
I think I am going to use it for making treats for L and M's preschool class on V Day.

Heart crayons:

Cute cookie inside a CD sleeve that you could put inside the paperbag! Cuteness!

These are perfect for the bedroom:
Valentines Confetti:

Heart Banner: I made this for my mantle and I love it!

What fun ideas do you have planned to make February fun and festive?  Do share!

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We Can Do That Ourselves

My husband always says this.  We can do that ourselves. Thanks to pinterest there is no shortage of amazing and endless craft ideas with directions by awesome bloggers to allow us to try doing it ourselves.

I love standouts on the wall and have been wanting to create a collage of standouts for above our couch.  18 (12 by 12) standouts = $$$.  No bueno.

Luckily I have friends that search Pinterest like me.  One girlfriend of mine found a pin with a blog link to a post about making your own photo standout.  I (I really mean Todd) had to try. The blog post talks about getting an enginner print from an Office Supply store for cheap.  An enginner printer only prints black and white.  I had a 16 by 24 image printed for $2.  Super cheap and quality isn't bad.

I enlarged another image (a color one on a regular printer) to 16 by 24  of my son Weston at Staples for $15. I decided to use the color print over the black and white one.  I also needed foam board (at Home Depot), and 3M contact cement.  

Now, the foam board I bought is a board they use for insulating homes.  I thought I had purchased the correct one.  It was huge and luckily was only $7.  Todd started cutting into it and we realized quickly it was going to be messy and the sides were going to be crumbly and jagged so we tossed it to the side.  We grabbed some particle board and Todd used his skill saw to cut the board to a 16 by 24 size. Much better.

We sprayed the board and the back of the picture with 3M contact cement and quickly (but carefully) put the two together. I was going to paint the sides with a black marker but decided to leave it the color of the wood. I like the look of it.   Todd stuck a nail on the back and we hung it in Weston's room.  I LOVE it!! Easy and I can't wait for him to see it when he wakes up in the morning.  Yes, we hung this while he slept.  Ha!

Tips for other standouts~

~Use black foam board from Staples. Would be much easier to cut. Wouldn't have to use a skill saw, just an exacto knife.

~When I go to enlarge other prints I will use  I was impressed with Staples but I think does a better job. (A 16 by 24 picture enlarged through is $17.99. A few bucks more expensive but that's ok)

Total cost of this homemade standout:$15

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

First Time

Tonight was the first time for the twins to go to the movies.  Friends invited us to go see Beauty and the Beast in 3D.  Makenna decided she wanted to wear a princess dress to go watch Belle.  She settled on a pink princess dress.  I did her hair in a fun messy bun, she wore one of my old pearl necklaces, and she clunked around in her plastic pink heels.

Right before we left she sang to herself in the mirror admiring her princess reflection.

Landon sported his garbage truck shirt and his fireman boots.  Total boy but truly enjoyed the movie.

Her friend was a blue princess.  I love four year olds. 

They were in total awe at the large screen.  The popcorn that Olivia's mama bought?  Pure joy in eating that buttery goodness!

Landon and Makenna highly recommend this movie!

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Progressive Dinner

Growing up my parents did progressive dinners with neighbors. I live in the best neighborhood (one of the reasons we moved here) and thought this would be a fun idea.  So we planned it and executed it.  Four houses and sixteen people.  Started off at one for appetizers (stuffed mushrooms, sangria, garlic olives), walked to the next one for avocado-apple-blue cheese salad, laughed and strolled to our house for the main course, and then ended the night at the last house where dessert (chocolate fondue, cookie dough dip, and caramel apple spice dip) was served.  So much fun and we have already said we are doing this again in April. (Maybe some hot tubbing will be involved) The best part~no kids~ so we were able to enjoy each others company without interruptions.  Love that. 

Not everyone knew each other so I thought name tags were a must. 

Look at those forks and plates.  They look fancy but they are throw away!

Love my new water pitcher.  Note to self...not as much sliced fruit next time and make sure to put oranges, not grapefruit in.

Todd's garlic dip for the bread was a huge hit.

Laughter is the best.

Silly girls!

This photo is the BEST!!!  Best buds since they were teenagers and now live around the corner from each other. 

Thanks to Aly for having her camera!!!

The food all around was amazing and enjoyed very much. In April when we do this again a group picture will be taken first thing. Thanks to everyone who came and to everyone who hosted!  Our neighborhood is pretty great.

P.S. Thanks to my great babysitter who cleaned up the kitchen after we left!

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Sweet Bundle of Goodness

I photographed a sweet six day old baby girl yesterday.  Oh my precious. 

This mama was so patient and acted like she had been a mama for years. Comfortable and a complete natural. I was so impressed.

A sleeping newborn?  Nothing sweeter.

I had a to catch a photo of this mamas beautiful ring.  I couldn't help it. 

Congrats on your beautiful daughter. 

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Sunday, January 22, 2012


I love the rain. The sound, smell, and mood it evokes in me is why I love it. Rain allows for days to be lazy and for fireplaces to roar.  It is also a good time to put on new rain boots and rain coats and headed outside.

Someone did not like the whipping wind and rain. 

Everyone broke in their new boots.  Lots of mud.

Happy Sunday and Happy Winter! 

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Playdates aren't just for Kids

Friends.  My kids feel better after they have been with friends. I feel better after I have been with friends.  Yesterday and today were some of those days.   Play dates are just as much for moms as they are for kids.  I love chatting about everything under the sun.

Some days are harder than others when you are a mom.  It is a lot of work.  This morning was a morning where I cried. In front of other people.  Just overly emotional.  Being with others and having listening ears helps though.  For some reason when you realize that other moms go through the same things as you do, it just helps.  You are not alone. 

Hula-hooping was taught and attempted this afternoon.  This little six year old is quite good.  Makenna is on a mission to learn and asked for one for Christmas.  She just may get one for her birthday since that is next month.

Today I realized that making cute hair bows and talking is even better. I thank God for friends and for people who ask questions and listen. 

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