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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pinterest Night

So everyone has heard the hype over Pinterest.  If you don't know about it you need to.  It is an amazing website where you can be inspired at all hours of the day.  I hear a lot of women say they "pin" a lot of ideas but never complete them.  I decided to have a pinterest night where we actually completed a pin I had pinned. Follow me?

It is 2012 and winter is here. Although I am not sure it is really here.  It hasn't rained a drop here in Sacramento since this year started. 

I found this amazing peanut butter brownie trifle through pinterest.  Rich, sinful, peanut buttery, chocolately goodnessI was thankful I had done my Butt Friday class in order to eat this

After Makenna's bath I styled her hair pinterest inspired from the  She loved her hair and was extremely sad she couldn't stay up for the party.  "Why can't little girls stay up for parties?"-Makenna

The craft for the night was a winter wreath made out of feather boas.  We followed the directions except we used a lot of duct tape to make the wreath stiff so it wouldn't sag when we hung it. (my first one I made wasn't stiff enough and went from a circle to an oblong shape after a few days hung on the door).

My good friend Tawny who traveled from the bay area bringing with her fabulous mint cookies.

This table finished their wreaths before the rest of us. Impressive.

Sharlene with her fabulous inspired pinterest hair-do from Kate.  I found Kate on pinterest and have been following her website ever since.   She gives us a lot of inspiration on what to do with our hair. 

The amazing hairstylist Rochelle cute and pregnant with baby number two.

Sharlene and Melissa 

Debbie with her fab Valentines Day wreath! I call her the amazing bow lady.

Darcy and her wreath!

I always feel re-energized after a night with fun women. How can you not after fun conversation, a good craft, a sinful dessert, and good wine?  I want to make this pinterest night a habit.

So there you have it, my winter wreath with zebra ribbon. Thanks to Debbie who brought this amazing zebra ribbon. It was left at my house so I had to put in on my wreath.  I couldn't resist.  Can't wait to see all the other wreaths displayed throughout Elk Grove, Sacramento, Bakersfield (Cathy who participated long distance) and Walnut Creek! 
Send me your wreaths pictures!!!! Oh and when is our next pinterest night?

Around the corner at Robin's the black door.  Super sassy.
An hour and a half away at Tawny's house in Walnut Creek. Love the blue and brown ribbon.

Down the street and to the right at Darcy's house.  I think I need a black door.

Down the street in Sacramento....

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Debbie said...

It was an amazing night with fun ladies and lots of laughter. Thanks again Michelle.

michelle said...

Your zebra ribbon was a hit!

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