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My Family


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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Progressive Dinner

Growing up my parents did progressive dinners with neighbors. I live in the best neighborhood (one of the reasons we moved here) and thought this would be a fun idea.  So we planned it and executed it.  Four houses and sixteen people.  Started off at one for appetizers (stuffed mushrooms, sangria, garlic olives), walked to the next one for avocado-apple-blue cheese salad, laughed and strolled to our house for the main course, and then ended the night at the last house where dessert (chocolate fondue, cookie dough dip, and caramel apple spice dip) was served.  So much fun and we have already said we are doing this again in April. (Maybe some hot tubbing will be involved) The best part~no kids~ so we were able to enjoy each others company without interruptions.  Love that. 

Not everyone knew each other so I thought name tags were a must. 

Look at those forks and plates.  They look fancy but they are throw away!

Love my new water pitcher.  Note to self...not as much sliced fruit next time and make sure to put oranges, not grapefruit in.

Todd's garlic dip for the bread was a huge hit.

Laughter is the best.

Silly girls!

This photo is the BEST!!!  Best buds since they were teenagers and now live around the corner from each other. 

Thanks to Aly for having her camera!!!

The food all around was amazing and enjoyed very much. In April when we do this again a group picture will be taken first thing. Thanks to everyone who came and to everyone who hosted!  Our neighborhood is pretty great.

P.S. Thanks to my great babysitter who cleaned up the kitchen after we left!

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michelle said...

Thanks! Will do! Found you on Facebook! How did you find me?

boysmomma said...

Looks like a great time! Sorry I missed it!

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