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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Race, Drives, Wine, and Winner

The hubby and I have decided to do tough mudder. It is probably going to be the toughest thing I have ever done, but I really can't wait.   We had friends who did it last September and I was inspired to do it this year.  It is in September so I have some time before I have to kick it into gear.  I have fear of getting shocked and of swimming through barrels.  It is going to be a day of conquering fears.


Have you ever watched your children create fun?  Love it. The new guitar Weston received for Christmas has created a lot of impromptu concerts. 

And then before you know it they have moved on to something else. 


Sunday drives. I love where they take us.

The Grand Island Mansion is so gorgeous. I need to attend an event here or just have brunch one Sunday. 

Drives along the Sacramento River are our favorite.

Bogle Winery out in Clarksburg is beautiful and they have amazing wine. 

Promised Ice Cream bars.  Yes it is winter but wow it sure doesn't feel like it.   

I mean if this tree doesn't scream "Climb me", I don't know what does.

We found out about a fun event the weekend before February that takes place at some of the wineries by the River.  Chocolate and Port event. Yes, this has been marked on our calendar. 

One of the places that will be participating in the Chocolate and Port event is a brand new place in Clarksburg we just discovered.  We have driven by several times and today finally stopped.  The lights drew us in. Check it out!

Love new places!


Website Contest Winner....

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There were 13 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. Sabrina
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Congrats Sabrina on winning a free photo shoot with me!!!! (and I think it is going to be a trash the dress session!) What fun!

Have a great Monday tomorrow!!!


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