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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We Can Do That Ourselves

My husband always says this.  We can do that ourselves. Thanks to pinterest there is no shortage of amazing and endless craft ideas with directions by awesome bloggers to allow us to try doing it ourselves.

I love standouts on the wall and have been wanting to create a collage of standouts for above our couch.  18 (12 by 12) standouts = $$$.  No bueno.

Luckily I have friends that search Pinterest like me.  One girlfriend of mine found a pin with a blog link to a post about making your own photo standout.  I (I really mean Todd) had to try. The blog post talks about getting an enginner print from an Office Supply store for cheap.  An enginner printer only prints black and white.  I had a 16 by 24 image printed for $2.  Super cheap and quality isn't bad.

I enlarged another image (a color one on a regular printer) to 16 by 24  of my son Weston at Staples for $15. I decided to use the color print over the black and white one.  I also needed foam board (at Home Depot), and 3M contact cement.  

Now, the foam board I bought is a board they use for insulating homes.  I thought I had purchased the correct one.  It was huge and luckily was only $7.  Todd started cutting into it and we realized quickly it was going to be messy and the sides were going to be crumbly and jagged so we tossed it to the side.  We grabbed some particle board and Todd used his skill saw to cut the board to a 16 by 24 size. Much better.

We sprayed the board and the back of the picture with 3M contact cement and quickly (but carefully) put the two together. I was going to paint the sides with a black marker but decided to leave it the color of the wood. I like the look of it.   Todd stuck a nail on the back and we hung it in Weston's room.  I LOVE it!! Easy and I can't wait for him to see it when he wakes up in the morning.  Yes, we hung this while he slept.  Ha!

Tips for other standouts~

~Use black foam board from Staples. Would be much easier to cut. Wouldn't have to use a skill saw, just an exacto knife.

~When I go to enlarge other prints I will use  I was impressed with Staples but I think does a better job. (A 16 by 24 picture enlarged through is $17.99. A few bucks more expensive but that's ok)

Total cost of this homemade standout:$15

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

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