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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Makenna loves makeup. To be able to put makeup on Mama, even better. 

Here is the end result. Weston and Landon had a hand too. I look like an Indian.


I love makeup too, even though I don't wear it everyday and really feel like I don't apply it well. I could peruse Ulta and Sephora till the cows come home.  There is something about all the body scrubs, lip glosses, blush, eye shadows, powders, and fun packaging of everything that keeps me walking the aisles.  Today Weston and I stopped at Ulta before hitting the grocery store.  I got a way overdue brow wax and some other things along with a new red liquid lipgloss. Revlon Top Tomato. There is something about red lip gloss that just makes you feel good and sassy even if you are in your gym clothes and look a hot mess. My trip to Trader Joes was even more enjoyable.

To go along with my red lips was this little necklace found in my mailbox today.  I have been wanting an initial necklace of all three of my kids.  A sorority sister of mine makes jewelry and whipped up this beauty for me. I. LOVE. IT. 

And yes this pic was taken in the mirror so it is backwards.  :)

Let me know your favorite lipstick.  I just found out about Nars today.  Going to have to check that out. 


I entered Makenna into a fun contest...Go vote for her here!  Thank you!  Much appreciated!

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Five years old

Five years ago today I had two babies, born 30 seconds apart. My world completely changed forever for the better.

Makenna Leigh weighed 6 pounds 10 ounces and Landon Neil was 7 pounds 3 oz.  Yeah that is a lot of baby.

Today before bed I panicked because we hadn't taken a picture of the twins with me. 
So this is what we got right before bed.  Me with my big tired five year olds. 

My how they have grown and changed. :)


We kicked off the twins birthday this morning by dining at IHOP for breakfast. Lots of fun with family.

We headed to Funderland in Sacramento for some amusement park fun. 

 My big five year olds braved the dragon roller coaster with each other. Pretty proud they weren't scared!

Cherry blossoms.  Love.

Happy 5th Birthday Landon and Makenna. You are finally five!  xoxoxoxo

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Birthday party for two

We celebrated Landon and Makenna's sweet 5th birthday party today with their friends. Between my sister in law, friend, and myself we captured some fun pics of the celebration. It was a bring your truck to the castle party.  Boys brought their trucks and girls wore princess dresses. They had a blast!!

Corner for the princesses.

Chocolate milk on tap.

This cake turned out just how I wanted. Totally loved it. Thank you Shannon!

When the kids arrived boys were decorated with truck tattoos, and the girls had princess sparkles put on their cheeks. 

Boys brought their trucks to park at the castle.

Truck race.


Boys colored trucks.

Fabulous birthday party for my sweet babes. Happy Birthday Landon and Makenna!

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Burning off Cupcakes

So the cupcakes me made yesterday were taken into the twins preschool to help celebrate their upcoming birthday. Weston and I enjoyed lunch with them before distributing the chocolate cupcakes. 

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Landon and Makenna, Happy Birthday to you!

I will be sad next year when their class size doubles. Small class sizes are so awesome.

They were all smiles and giggles with their classmates. Such a sweet class they have. 

So I came home from picking up the twins and I decided to eat two cupcakes. Cupcakes + frosting made with two sticks of butter. Luckily I was heading out to the gym to meet a friend for Hot Hula.  Highly recommend this class. Lots of hip shaking, core and butt working moves.  I hope I hip shaked those cupcakes right off.  

Love working out with friends. Helps the time go so much faster.   

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