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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Big changes are happening over here at our house.  Daddy started a new company and we are all so excited about it.  It has been a long time coming and he deserves it.  :)
I usually don't mind change. I appreciate it and usually enjoy it.  I get bored with the same old routine so I usually embrace change.  Two birthdays are happening on Sunday though and it has me thinking a lot.  Things are going to be changing come August.  I have been trying to slow down and enjoy easy slow days where we don't have much planned because I know next year it will different.  Two big kids heading into Kindergarden. Mornings more rushed. No more sleeping in and staying in jammies a little longer.  When the kids were smaller I did not enjoy a full day at home. I had to be the source of entertainment usually and that was exhausting.  Now they come up with their own entertainment at home and for that I am thankful for slow easy days at home. (for the most time)

 Changes are happening with the weather.  It is getting warmer and beautiful flowers are blooming.   Today made it into the 70s. 

My almost five year old wants to do everything herself.  This is a big change. She does things herself and does them well.  Making lunch is one of her favorites.  Such a sweet nice change for some helpful help in the kitchen.

The twins princess/truck birthday is Saturday and we are getting stuff together.  This is their first friends birthday party and they are over the top excited.  ( I am a little bit too- HA!) It is so fun to hear them ask to play with friends and be excited about who is coming over to celebrate their 5th birthday. 

Cupcakes have been baked, frosted, and decorated for their preschool birthday celebration tomorrow.  They are proud to hand them out tomorrow and said their classmates are going to love the sprinkles. 

Change may not always be easy. But what I do love about change is we can celebrate where we are and how far we have come, appreciate what we had, and anticipate what is to come. 

Here is to spring around the corner, delicious yummy cake, enjoying lazy mornings, and new opportunities for the better. 

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Unknown said...

That pic of M in her jammies with the cupcakes and sprinkles is awesome. Please frame it!

michelle said...

Thank you!!! I need to get better about framing the everyday pics!!!

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