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Welcome to my blog! I'm Michelle and am a mother and a photographer. You will see pictures of my amazing clients here, as well as my three beautiful children. You may even see some shots of my handsome hubby. I take my camera everywhere I go, capturing life as we know it now. Kick off your shoes and stay awhile. Glad you stopped by.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Early Valentines Celebration

A few years ago we vowed we would never go out to dinner the night of Valentines Day.  Preset menus, bad service, and way too much money spent on food we weren't huge fans of.  Our new tradition is celebrating a few days before and then just enjoying a nice home cooked meal (courtesy of Todd)  after the kids are in bed. 

Yesterday we drove out to Clarksburg and participated in the Chocolate and Port at the Sugar Mill.  What fun! We went with friends and left the kiddos at home! It was $25 per person (total deal).  We were given a wine glass with a piece of bread.  There were eight wineries that participated.  Each winery had about 5 wines/port you could taste along with chocolate, meatballs, chili, and blue cheese to pair with them.  There was live music and delicious Italian food you could enjoy for lunch.

I was in seventh heaven with all the chocolate. 

I was very excited about the delicious Zin I found that tastes so amazing with Oreo Truffles.  We had to buy a bottle. 

We quickly snapped these pics as were were leaving since it was starting to rain. 

Happy Early Valentines Day!!

(pretty sure we will be doing this next year - highly recommend!)

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