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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Five years old

The twins will be five in 11 days. I can't believe it!  I love them so much even though, they both keep me on my toes.  :)  We set out to do a photo shoot this afternoon, but the weather had other plans.  Can we say windy!!

I quickly realized this wasn't going to work so we set out to Toys R Us to spend their Valentine $$ thanks to Great Grandma Rainey!  The kids found exactly what they wanted for $10 each. 

Truly I thought we would all blow away upon leaving the store!

When we arrived home, Makenna put her princess dress on. We decided to attempt pics inside.  I have always said that the twins could have a soda when they turned five.  Even though we are 11 days out we made today the day. 

Makenna: smart, determined, funny, inquisitive, fashionista, sensitive, persuasive

The wind died down so we ventured outside into the beautiful sun.

Makenna loved her soda. 

Landon: mechanical, resourceful, quick-witted, smart, tactical

Landon chose root beer which he wasn't a huge fan of. 

When I reflect back on the last five years I can hardly believe it has been five years. These two little people we prayed for so fiercely back in 06 when we were struggling to get pregnant.  When they were born I was truly grateful but also feared I would never sleep again.  Ha! Todd and I couldn't believe we had two babies and that they were here to stay.  Watching them learn and grow has been amazing.  They have brought so much joy to our lives. As they are about to turn five I feel sad that the chapters of baby and toddler hood have been written,  but also excited for the upcoming years. Things to be learned, memories to be made, and pictures to be captured.  I know that these two will keep us on our toes and continue to bring smiles and joy to our lives.   I love you Landon and Makenna.

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