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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Girl Clothes

I am always amazed when I walk into a kids clothing store and see 3/4 of the store with girl clothing and a 1/4 for boys clothing. Bottom line: Girl clothing is just cuter and I am ok with that.  :) We have a local boutique store in town that I love to go into.  Adorable things.
Makenna is a total girly girl.  When I told her I had bought her a Valentines Day dress she squealed. When she saw it hanging up in her room she squealed again with a, "I want to put it on right now".  We decided to seize the moment and take some pics behind our house.  The sun was shining, why not?

Makenna's headband I bought from a seller on Etsy.  Love that place. 

Sporting a new I <3 You ring from her friend at school.

Can you see me in the pic above?

Happy hearts, frilly skirts, and fun headbands. 

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