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My Family


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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Makenna loves makeup. To be able to put makeup on Mama, even better. 

Here is the end result. Weston and Landon had a hand too. I look like an Indian.


I love makeup too, even though I don't wear it everyday and really feel like I don't apply it well. I could peruse Ulta and Sephora till the cows come home.  There is something about all the body scrubs, lip glosses, blush, eye shadows, powders, and fun packaging of everything that keeps me walking the aisles.  Today Weston and I stopped at Ulta before hitting the grocery store.  I got a way overdue brow wax and some other things along with a new red liquid lipgloss. Revlon Top Tomato. There is something about red lip gloss that just makes you feel good and sassy even if you are in your gym clothes and look a hot mess. My trip to Trader Joes was even more enjoyable.

To go along with my red lips was this little necklace found in my mailbox today.  I have been wanting an initial necklace of all three of my kids.  A sorority sister of mine makes jewelry and whipped up this beauty for me. I. LOVE. IT. 

And yes this pic was taken in the mirror so it is backwards.  :)

Let me know your favorite lipstick.  I just found out about Nars today.  Going to have to check that out. 


I entered Makenna into a fun contest...Go vote for her here!  Thank you!  Much appreciated!

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