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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Simple Valentines Day

The kids loved their mailboxes.  (Landon wanted to know why his didn't have mail in it when he returned home from preschool this afternoon!)

At Preschool a teddy bear picnic was planned which the twins were super excited for.  They were able to bring their favorite teddy bears. 

This little one was my afternoon Valentine for the day while the twins were at school. In his Valentine shirt we painted the town.  (fancy for doing errands together)

Sweet hubby brought home pretty flowers for me and balloons for the kids.  Huge hit.

Sweet Grandma Rainey (my grandmother) sent the kids Valentines with $10.  The kids have big plans to hit up Toys R Us in the morning. Thanks Rainey!

We decided last week we wanted to eat dinner at home to avoid the preset menus and horrible service that fancy restaurants seem to have on Valentines. I went grocery shopping today and picked out the food for dinner that Todd was going to make.  (Just like choosing your favorite meal off the menu!) :)

 While Todd cooked the twins and I read books. They insisted on being in their cozy red robes like I was. 

Todd's delicious shrimp and scallop risotto, salad, and foccacia bread.  Oh and a little red wine from Sunday's Port and Chocolate.  We envisioned a dinner of just the two of us but the twins had other plans.  They decided they wanted to stay up and eat strawberries and risotto with us. 

What were your big V-day plans?  Do tell!

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