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Monday, March 26, 2012


Childhood is a short season. ~Helen Hayes

This phrase is powerful to me. It has me snapping photos right and left to freeze time.   I want to remember my children right now doing things they love, smiling, laughing, and playing with their favorite things.

Makenna loves her baby doll.  The way she talks to her baby, holds her, and sings to her is the sweetest thing. 


On the way home today from being out and about we stopped at a new park in town.  This saucer swing was pretty neat and the kids loved it.  As I uploaded this picture tonight I thought when will I look at this picture and say, "Remember when all three of you fit on that swing?"


There is a tear jerker book called Let me Hold You Longer.  The author writes about how she wishes she had savored her children's lasts more and to not miss those "lasts" in the hectic busy day of life.  Last days of little league, last days of school. Books like this are such good reminders for me.  Life is busy with three kids.  It is so easy to want to hurry to the next stage of life where you think things will be a little easier.  As I look back at the last five years of motherhood I have noticed that some things have become easier and some have become harder.  One things for certain is that I miss some of those sweet baby days. I know I will miss these days and therefore I try to slow down and capture and savor life as we know it now.


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annemiller said...

Michelle-You are such a gifted photographer! I just love all of these photos!! Thank you for inspiring me to capture the short moments of my kids' childhood. It does make me sad to realize how fast it will go!

michelle said...

Aww..thanks Anne!! That means a lot!! Xoxoxo

michelle said...
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