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Monday, March 5, 2012


On Friday morning, we backed out of the driveway at 3:20 am.   Kids in jammies and us still rubbing sleep out of our eyes, we headed down south to Disneyland.  Our first long car trip as a family that my kids will first remember. I-5 seemed beautiful as we watched the sun rise, enjoyed the blooming almond trees, and listened to the excitement in the kids as they pointed out things they spotted as we drove. The crop duster planes were the highlight. 

We arrived in seven hours to Anaheim. The drive went so well! The kids only slept an hour during the seven hour drive.  When we arrived at the hotel we dressed the kids and headed to lunch to wait for Papa and Lala who were flying in.  Makenna wore her snow white dress (courtesy of friends).  A little sleepy but pretty as a picture.

The weather in Anaheim is so ideal even in the winter.  Sun, sun, and more sun.  The weather Friday was in the high 70's.  A tad windy but pretty perfect. 

Dumbo ride was a huge hit.  Having my parents at Disneyland with us was a big hit too.  So thankful for them. 

Having an extra set of hands, extra shoulders to carry kids to give them a better view, and willingness to do the night time routine back at the hotel so mama and daddy can enjoy some adult time, is so appreciated on vacation with kids. 

With kids not in diapers, little ones not needing naps (although Friday afternoon they could have used one-HA!),  this trip was a real treat!

Disneyland is so magical.  The kids loved all the dances down the Disneyland streets

Friday night we took Weston back to the hotel to put him to bed, due to him being exhausted.  The twins stayed out for more rides and ice cream with Lala and Papa Tim.  After Weston was in bed we enjoyed a littlt twist off bottle of Arbor Mist.  Set the mood right before we headed out to Disneyland, just the two of us. Quite fun to go on all the adult rides and not worry about a stroller and who is taking who to the bathroom. 

Our hotel was perfect. Two connecting rooms giving us plenty of room.

Saturday morning after we got ready and were about to head out to the park we learned that Disneyland had been evacuated due to something found in a tree that looked like a bomb. 
After a long breakfast we found out the park was reopen and that it wasn't a bomb they had found,  but a PVC pipe that had been put in a tree as part of the game geocaching. Go figure.

We were so happy Disneyland had been reopened.  The weather was very toasty (80s) and required some new hats to be worn.

Our rockin three kid stroller was very much used on Saturday, due to the heat and tired children.

This picture says it all.  Hot, tired, and sunny

Storybook Ride. A favorite of all three kids.

Delicious popcorn.  All $4.75 of it.

These four guys were a huge hit with the kids. 

Makenna and her new chapstick.

We decided to head out after dinner to California Adventure before the kids got too tired. 

I was quite impressed with the twins wanting to go on fast rides.  They are taking after their mama who loves a good thrill!  The only thing that kept them off some of the rides was their height!

 After several rides we enjoyed the water show. Pretty spectacular!

Todd and I stayed out a little longer while the rest of the gang turned in.  We enjoyed some expensive wine,  Tower of Terror, and some yummy fudge back at Disneyland.  :)

Sunday morning we enjoyed breakfast and then started our seven hour journey back home. Thank goodness for the Ipad on a long car journey.

Just a little leg stretching in the middle of nowhere. 

This trip was quick, fun, and full of memoriesWe all can't wait to go back.  

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