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My Family


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Thursday, March 8, 2012


The twins had their first t-ball practice today as a Golden Cub. Oh my cuteness. They have never played an organized sport before.  We have only ever practiced with whiffle balls and plastic bats.  Looks like we have some practicing to do. 

The team is made up of two sets of twins, one set of triplets, and a few singletons.  Love it.   


Daddy made it back in time from the bay area to watch the kids play. Landon was quite excited and wanted Daddy to stand right behind him.

Weston whined about wanting to play with all the big kids the first half hour of practice. Once Todd started playing with him the whining stopped. He wants to do everything the twins do.  I need to sign him up for something. He loves sports.

Go Golden Cubs!

I can tell this t-ball season is going to be full of wonderful memories.  The twins already asked when they get their medal. I had to tell them it would probably be a trophy.  Five year olds.  What a great age.

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