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My Family


Welcome to my blog! I'm Michelle and am a mother and a photographer. You will see pictures of my amazing clients here, as well as my children. Grab something hot or cold to drink and take a look around!
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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Butterflies, Ice Cream, and Wine

Sundays are my favorite.  They usually include church and something fun as a family.

Today we wanted to go somewhere but really weren't sure where to go. So we decided to load up the car, get some Starbucks, and just start driving.  We started driving back roads south of Elk Grove and wound up at Consumes River Preserve.  We hiked, admired butterflies, oohed and ahhed over bunnies and birds, and followed maps that the kids thought led us to treasure.

After our hike (wasn't even a mile) we loaded back in the car and meandered over to Walnut Grove.  We have a thing for the cute towns near the Delta.  Quaint, cultural, and fun.  We were excited see a new spot for lunch and had to try it out. 

Kid approved even. 

What hot Sunday afternoon would be complete without a scoop of ice cream?

After sticky fingers and hands were wiped we headed to Locke, the town just a few blocks up.  The kids scored with two FREE items from an antique store. 

Meet Sally.

I told Makenna if she could take care of Sally well, she just may be able to get an American Girl doll.  Right now Sally is cozy in bed with Makenna.

Weston and Landon were given a convertible car.  They did a pretty good job taking turns sharing it.   

Our day ended at Miner's Leap in Clarksburg with a glass of wine for us and popcorn for the kids. 

The flower that Weston plucked off the rose bush at the winery.  Nice. 

Today was awesome.  Loved that it was unplanned.  Sometimes unplanned outings are the best. No expectations to be let down about. 

Lemondade Silva Family Photoshoot

A few months back Todd made a lemonade stand for me to use for photo shoots.  Yesterday I was able to use it for the first time. What fun!  I loaded up the stroller with all my props and Todd used the dolly to take the big stand to where we were going.  The kids were excited to be able to help me set up for our lemonade photo shoot since I was going to be doing it right by our house.  We laughed as we set up and people actually came over with money to buy some lemonade.  I guess you can say we looked legit.    

The sweet family I took pictures of did such an amazing job with choosing clothes with color to make the picture pop!  Color makes the photos so interesting and appealing to look at. 

This sweet mama made Landon and Makenna's amazing cake for their 5th birthday party.  She is so talented!  She brought some amazing margarita cupcakes to add to the lemonade stand. They were incredible!

I have decided since buying these mason jars that lemonade tastes a whole lot better in them along with a green and white paper straw. 

I absolutely love when kids warm up to me.  Love when they can get silly in front of the camera. 

Such a fun morning!  Thanks Silva family!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Something different and something juicy

I love doing things with the kids that are different.  Activities we don't do everyday.  Today we rounded up some friends and mamas and went to Safteyville USA in Sacramento. What fun. We toured the village and the kids learned about how to be safe crossing the street and crossing over train tracks.  After our tour they were able to ride their bikes all over the village.  What a blast they had! Landon has already asked 11 times if we can go back to Safetyville.  I knew he would love it!

On our way home we saw a strawberry stand and it was open.  We had to stop according to the kids.  Fresh juicy strawberry season is upon us.  I am excited!  Fresh strawberries are the best!

Have a wonderful juicy good weekend!  Lemonade stand photoshoot tomorrow!  I am excited for it!!