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My Family


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Friday, April 13, 2012

The day before the weekend

I have been training for a 10K race that is Sunday.  It is called Zoo Zoom.  The twins are running 1/4 of a mile and then I will run my race. My goal is just to finish. I bought some new kicks just for the occasion.  My old ones were six year old and had no tread on them.  It was time.

While I sweated it out on the treadmill, Makenna participated in spa day at the gym.  Nails, hair, and a little makeup.  I was a tad jealous when I picked her up.

Makenna checking out her reflection of her newly straightened hair. ( and yes those are blue streaks that she wanted).  We will be washing that out tonight before my Grandfather's funeral tomorrow. :)

I love when the day leads us to some amazing light. Today in Jamba Juice we sat in front of the window with my back to it. I LOVE a big ole window to take pictures in front of. The light is dreamy and eyes light up.

After our fuel up at Jamba Juice we headed to the dentist where the kids had a great checkup. I love our family dentist.  Best staff ever!  First time for Weston to have his teeth cleaned since last time he freaked. Super proud of him.

Heard the weather here in Northern California is supposed to be beautiful over the next few days.  Hopefully it is a wear your shades kind of weekend.  Have a good one!


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