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My Family


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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Getting pictures up on the Wall

When I see a large wall in a home of family images I can't take my eyes off them.  They tell a story.

We have lived in our house for almost six years.  We have a large wall space above our couch that has had various things on it. I decided two months ago that I wanted the entire wall to be big pictures of our family. I planned the photo shoot and chose colors to match the room. The pictures came out just how I wanted and I couldn't be happier.  You can see the shoot here.   

Thank goodness for Pinterest because I was able to find many examples of collages. So inspiring. 
I found this one which is my favorite. 

I will do this collage with the same collage right below it so there will be fourteen pictures in all. Six 16 by 24 pics and eight 11 by 14 images.  To save some $$ we will be making our own standouts.  Here is a tutorial on making your own standouts. Easy peasy.

I will post pics once this is up and ready to show off!  If you have a fun wall of photos let me know by emailing me a picture!   I would love to show them off here!


gerryruth said...

Hi. Great idea. What will the final dimensions be? Looking forward to seeing your finished product.

michelle said...

HI! Thanks! It will be roughly 50 by 80 I am guessing (this includes a little space between each picture). Will for sure post pics once it is up and complete!

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