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My Family

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Laying him to Rest

Today my grandfather was laid to rest.  I looked forward to this day even though it was bittersweet.  The weather, ceremony, burial, and celebration were perfect in every way.  Friends and family gathered to remember and celebrate a man who lived an incredible 91 years.

My sweet grandmother who has laid to rest her mother and all of her siblings.  Today she said laying to rest her husband was by far the hardest thing she has ever done. 

Seeing your father breakdown in talking about memories of his father is pretty heart wrenching.

Thankful my brother grabbed the camera to snap a photo of me and my youngest brother.  Love him.

My grandfather was in the Navy and therefore had a military 21 gun salute.  Pretty powerful.

The celebration was incredible.  We all gathered to eat, visit, and share memories we had of my grandfather. 

The laughter from the great grand kids kept things a little lighter today but still many many tears were shed.  Happy tears for my Grandfather is in a better place looking down on all of us smiling. 


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