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My Family


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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lemondade Silva Family Photoshoot

A few months back Todd made a lemonade stand for me to use for photo shoots.  Yesterday I was able to use it for the first time. What fun!  I loaded up the stroller with all my props and Todd used the dolly to take the big stand to where we were going.  The kids were excited to be able to help me set up for our lemonade photo shoot since I was going to be doing it right by our house.  We laughed as we set up and people actually came over with money to buy some lemonade.  I guess you can say we looked legit.    

The sweet family I took pictures of did such an amazing job with choosing clothes with color to make the picture pop!  Color makes the photos so interesting and appealing to look at. 

This sweet mama made Landon and Makenna's amazing cake for their 5th birthday party.  She is so talented!  She brought some amazing margarita cupcakes to add to the lemonade stand. They were incredible!

I have decided since buying these mason jars that lemonade tastes a whole lot better in them along with a green and white paper straw. 

I absolutely love when kids warm up to me.  Love when they can get silly in front of the camera. 

Such a fun morning!  Thanks Silva family!


shannon s said...

You did an amazing job Michelle! I will forever be greatful for these lasting memories captured

michelle said...

Aww..thanks Shannon! It was my pleasure taking your photos! Such fun! xo

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