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My Family


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Friday, April 27, 2012

Something different and something juicy

I love doing things with the kids that are different.  Activities we don't do everyday.  Today we rounded up some friends and mamas and went to Safteyville USA in Sacramento. What fun. We toured the village and the kids learned about how to be safe crossing the street and crossing over train tracks.  After our tour they were able to ride their bikes all over the village.  What a blast they had! Landon has already asked 11 times if we can go back to Safetyville.  I knew he would love it!

On our way home we saw a strawberry stand and it was open.  We had to stop according to the kids.  Fresh juicy strawberry season is upon us.  I am excited!  Fresh strawberries are the best!

Have a wonderful juicy good weekend!  Lemonade stand photoshoot tomorrow!  I am excited for it!!


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