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My Family


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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sweet little Brady

One year old birthdays are a big deal., for the baby and for the parents. So much has happened in one year.  Sweet Brady just turned one and oh what fun we had documenting this milestone.  He was in the best mood and we just had a great morning.

Big Brother Nolan wanted to be part of this photoshoot too. 

I had a vision for Brady's pics to be in an older style hairchair. Brady's mama and I were on a hunt to find one. She found an ad in Craigslist for this darling chair found at a thrift store.  The owner of the chair let me pick out a color for her to paint it, and I picked it up a few days later.  It was just what I had envisioned. 

Brady's mama made him a yummy cake that he was all smiles about.  Such a sweet little face.

Happy Happy 1st Birthday Brady!  You are quite the little cutie!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Miss O'sTutu and Baby Doll Birthday Party

I had a blast shooting Miss Olivia's five year old birthday party. What fun they had with tutus and baby dolls. 

Olivia's mama did such an amazing job with this party.  The attention to detail was incredible. Lots of fun memories were made for the two hours these eight girls were together for.  Being a little girl can be oh so fun.

Happy 5th Birthday Olivia!

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Hair Inspiration

I am always looking for inspiration for my hair and Makenna's hair from the Internet.  Makenna begged me to do a sock bun on her long locks tonight, so I googled sock bun tutorial and this awesome video came up.  I have done the sock bun on her head before, but it never really looked great.  This new video I found explained things perfectly, and I loved how it turned out. She laid her head down on her pillow very carefully tonight, as to not mess it up. I told her we could redo it in the morning if she wanted to wear it like that to school. 

My favorite blog for my hair is  FAVORITE!  Kate posts amazing videos on her darling hairstyles. Totally inspiring. A few of my girlfriends are always sporting Kate inspired hairdos.  Love it.   

The Braided Messy Side Bun
Check out my stylish girlfriend's new blog and show her some lovin!

I love the hair post Kate posted from today.  I am going to attempt tomorrow.  I just bought a fabulous brand new curling iron. Need to give it a whirl.

In less than 36 hours I go under the knife and I will not be washing my hair for a little while, let along styling it.  Tomorrow is my last little hurrah with the hair.  :)

I am still working on making my hair look better when I do it.  I encourage you to find a fun style that Kate has explained how to do and try it tomorrow!  Take a pic and post to Facebook!  I want to see! 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Garage Sale and Cousin Fun

Every year we have a neighborhood garage sale.  Same May weekend every year.  Starts promptly at 7 am.  It is awesome. This year we decided to make it a little more fun and sell lemonade.  $.25 a cup.  We went through two big jugs of it.  Huge hit. Lots of compliments were given to Todd who built this awesome stand.   One lady wanted to know if it was for sale. 

Makenna loved being the lemonade girl.  The boys quickly abandoned their lemonade job to play with their $.50 train finds from across the street.


The cousins came to play today and spend the night.  The kids couldn't have been more excited.  I am thankful the kids have cousins their age to grow up with.  My niece and Makenna are best buds even thought they are 2 1/2 years apart.  While the boys ran off ahead to the park with Todd, the girls and I strolled slowly along snapping pics as we walked. 

Five kids have been fed, bathed, and are soundly sleeping.  OH yeah.


At the end of my blog page check out my new Grab Button. Grab it and put it on your blog.  I found a great tutorial on creating a grab button.

Enjoy your Saturday evening.  Hope you had a wonderful day.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Triplets + Twins + a Singleton = Fun

Summer is over a month away but days like today just feel like summer has arrived.  I am so thankful for amazing parks in town that we can go and play for free. This park is awesome and is a true favorite. If you live in town you need to go and check it out if you haven't done so already. Water features have been turned on.  Time to lather on the sunscreen and head out. 

Our playdate this morning was with triplet friends.  My twins assume everyone they meet is a twin or a triplet.  It makes me laugh. Makenna will occasionally say she wishes she was a triplet.  Haha!  Their triplet friends are their favorite triplets. 
(also the only ones they know. :) )


Triplets + Twins + a Singleton = a great playdate.