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My Family


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Monday, May 7, 2012

Fun Full Day

Saturdays are getting busy and this past Saturday was no different.  After a photo shoot and a Tball game, we headed to the park for this little cuties 3rd birthday party. A fireman birthday party at that.  The kids were more than excited since a tour of the fire station was part of the schedule.

Sweet Luke. Happy 3rd Birthday! 

The kids played at the park and made firetrucks out of graham crackers before heading over the fire station next door for a tour. 

This was an unexpected treat for the kids to be able to spray the water hose.  What fun! 


Quite a successful birthday party even if the candles didn't light due to the gale force wind!


Our second Progressive Dinner happened Saturday night. What fun!  We didn't host this time and were able to enjoy being the guests of four different homes.  Since it was Cinco De Mayo we enjoyed amazing Mexican food.  Incredible!  I love our neighborhood and the bonds that we have made here.  Pretty lucky. 

At the last house where we enjoyed Avocado Lime Cheesecake (um..amazing) we had a Dance Off contest.  Fun. Fun. Fun.

Another full fun Saturday. Life is good. 


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