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My Family


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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fun with the Georges

As I write this my feet are up while my hubby slaves in the kitchen cooking me breakfast.  I am a lucky girl.   
I just had to come on and publish this blog post on Mother's Day for my friend Harmony.  I met Harmony and Zach in Chico back during our college days.   The last time I saw Harmony it was over five years ago before either of us had kids.  Her and Zach have a sweet son who is two weeks from turning five.  Yesterday I was able to take pictures of them and I loved every minute.  The bond this family has is amazing.  Harmony is a wonderful mother and deserves an amazing day today.

We walked all around Old Sac in the hot weather.  Their sweet dog Sammy was such a good girl. 

I didn't even have to ask them to kiss. Love that.

Totally jealous of Harmony's $2 boots.   

 Ice cream at the end of our shoot was a must.

Hunter turns 5 in two weeks.  Happy early 5th Birthday Hunter. 

There was no wind to fly the kite although we had fun with it anyways. 

Let's not let five years pass again George family.  See you soon!!


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