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My Family


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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Garage Sale and Cousin Fun

Every year we have a neighborhood garage sale.  Same May weekend every year.  Starts promptly at 7 am.  It is awesome. This year we decided to make it a little more fun and sell lemonade.  $.25 a cup.  We went through two big jugs of it.  Huge hit. Lots of compliments were given to Todd who built this awesome stand.   One lady wanted to know if it was for sale. 

Makenna loved being the lemonade girl.  The boys quickly abandoned their lemonade job to play with their $.50 train finds from across the street.


The cousins came to play today and spend the night.  The kids couldn't have been more excited.  I am thankful the kids have cousins their age to grow up with.  My niece and Makenna are best buds even thought they are 2 1/2 years apart.  While the boys ran off ahead to the park with Todd, the girls and I strolled slowly along snapping pics as we walked. 

Five kids have been fed, bathed, and are soundly sleeping.  OH yeah.


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Enjoy your Saturday evening.  Hope you had a wonderful day.


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