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Friday, May 4, 2012

New Dessert Place in Town

Next year it will be ten years since we moved to town.  I LOVE dessert and have watched several dessert places in town come and go.  I always felt we needed a dessert place that was fun to go to on a hot date or with the whole family.  I grew up going to Swensens in Santa Rosa after the movies, and I have the best memories.  Well, a few months back I heard that Leatherby's was coming to town.  Oh YES!
I have been driving past the location watching the progress the past couple of weeks.  I even had Todd call and ask when they were opening.  May 11th.  Thanks to Facebook I saw a post yesterday about them being open so I had to drive by and see for myself.  They are OPEN.  "Employee training" warning on the big whiteboard outside the restaurant, but they are open.  I took the kids in and we dined for lunch.

We were seated in a booth right in front of the counter where all the desserts come out. The kids were in heaven.  They have never seen so many ice cream creations in their life. Weston was loud and pointed/shrieked the whole time at each dessert glass or bowl. Thank goodness the place was packed so no one could hear him.

The kids enjoyed watching through the window as Ice Cream was made.

This beautiful creation had no owner, so our waitress asked us if we wanted this $10 masterpiece for free.  Really?  How could I say No?

Makenna had been eyeing the kid sundaes coming out so she held off on the banana split, and ordered her own dessert. She loved it.

So, it's Friday night. I think you need to go have ice cream.  Head on over and support this new place in town.  I hope it does awesome and stays around for years to come.


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