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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy 3 1/2 Birthday Weston!

When I was pregnant with Weston and told people I was due on Christmas Day I had a lot of people say how sorry they felt for this unborn baby.  He would get cheated every year on his birthday.  I knew we had to make an effort to make his birthday stand out and feel like we were really celebrating his special day.  Presents in birthday paper, cake on birthday plates, etc. 

We decided to do a half birthday party. Celebrate his 3 1/2 birthday party in June. This part December I made him a cake and we sang but no presents were given since we knew we wanted to have a real birthday party in June.  Until the kids turn five we do family parties.  Family came to celebrate Weston today. I am so glad we did this.  Lots of fun in the hot sun.

We went early this morning to put tablecloths on the two tables we wanted along with hanging a Happy Birthday banner.  We also left a card table next to one of the tables we wanted to use.  When we came back for the party, everything.was.gone. Unbelievable.  We saw some of the park workers and we asked them about our missing items. They said around 8:30 am they saw people loading up the stuff we described into their Volvo.  Nice.

Next best thing to a cute Happy Birthday banner, a Happy Birthday chalk drawing!

I love subway art.  Especially free subway art. The cake plate that sits on top here is used by the special birthday person to eat their cake on.  Fun tradition I just started this year.

Happy Father's Day Dad!

In my new Target dress feeling good!!  Almost feel 100%

It was too windy so the candles wouldn't light.  We told Weston to pretend to blow the candles out. Cousin Carolina who's half birthday we will be celebrating at the end of the month helped too.  

He loved opening his new train backpack for preschool come August!

Best park ever in town (minus the theft!)

We headed back home after we were all done partying at the park to crack open the packages on some of Weston's gifts.  He loves his new tool kit. Wants to be like Daddy.

Happy Father's Day my sweet Husband! Best Daddy and husband I could ask for!  Thank you for all you do for our family!!!! xoxoxoxo

I love you my sweet Weston!  Happy 3 1/2 birthday!!!


I loved today.  I hope to continue this tradition.


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