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Friday, June 15, 2012

Update, Dancing, and 30 x 30

Just a little three week update as of Wed.  Not sure what happened to the sound.  It plays on my phone just fine.  Technology. Anyways let me just recap what I talk about in the video. :)  I am feeling fantastic.  I am not hunched over anymore which means no more sore back.  My energy level is back to 100%.  Still swollen in the stomach but it gets better everyday.  I have started using Mederma once a day on my belly button and tummy tuck incision.  I love that my incision is covered up by underwear. Honestly the look of my incision doesn't bother me at all.  My C-section scar didn't bother me either and faded so much I hardly noticed it. I hope it is the same with this incision.  It is still tender but doesn't hurt at all.  I have to wear my garment 24/7 (hence the lines you see in the video).  I can wean off of the garment in another three weeks. 
My breasts are sore and still oddly shaped.  I am out of my granny bra and into a bra with no underwire. Loving the much thinner strap!  Doc said they are still really swollen and will be changing over the next few weeks for the better.  Good!  I still feel like they are up to my neck!
I can resume working out July 23rd (can't come fast enough).  Doctor said I will be perfectly fine for my Tough Mudder Race at the end of September. Gulp.  Guess I don't have an excuse to not do it now. 

Some people have asked about who my doctor is.  Here is the surgery center's information. Dr. Yamahata is the name of my doctor. Like I have said before if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask! You can email me at


Makenna has her first dance recital tomorrow night.  I seriously signed her up for tap/ballet because of the dance recital. I saw pictures of my girlfriends daughter on Facebook in her costume for the dance recital last year, and I knew Makenna had to participate this year. She LOVES it.  Makenna's favorite part of the class is the free dance part.  Loves to dance like her mama!
Tonight was the dance rehearsal.  Makennas group is dancing to On the Good Ship Lollipop.  Precious beyond words. 


Makenna for sure will be taking lessons again next year. 


One of my favorite blogs is doing a really fun 30 x 30 project.  The goal is to take 30 articles of clothing/shoes/jewelry (altogether) from your closet and make 30 different outfits. When I peek into my closet I truly wonder if I will be able to do it. 
My girlfriend and I are going to try it.  Will you join us?

I have chosen my 30 pieces.

My five pairs of shoes.  Yes, I realize that the sticker is in my heels still. 

My outfits plus jewelry.  Let's see if I can create 30 outfits! This weekend I will be posting three outfits and linking up over at From my Grey Desk. I will continue each week until I run out of outfits. The goal is post three new outfits a week which would mean we would do this for ten weeks, in turn creating 30 outfits.  We will see!
Have a great weekend!!!



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