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Welcome to my blog! I'm Michelle and am a mother and a photographer. You will see pictures of my amazing clients here, as well as my three beautiful children. You may even see some shots of my handsome hubby. I take my camera everywhere I go, capturing life as we know it now. Kick off your shoes and stay awhile. Glad you stopped by.

Friday, June 1, 2012

What a Week

May 23rd I went in and had my Mommy Makeover. I wasn't nervous, just excited to get it over with and get on to healing. It went well. The surgery lasted a little under five hours. I went in the next day to have them look at everything.  The scar is hip to hip.  Three drains were put in to make sure everything drained properly. A tight wrap was put around my stomach to wear 24 hours a day.  A pump was also put in below my breasts for pain.   Quite a beautiful sight!  Haha! 

This is me right after getting home from surgery.  You can find me on Facebook (Michelle Delaney Ravencroft) and see some pretty funny videos where I am pretty darn groggy.

This is the following day to make sure everything looked ok. I was so out of it and groggy.

Day 7.  Kids are back.  We went to the doctor where I had one drained removed. Worst feeling ever!    My mom along with the kids went to Jamba Juice and enjoyed the toasty weather.  This is going on day seven of not washing my hair. Not getting pretty.

Day 8. Emotional day for me. I do have to say my mom washed my hair so I should have been feeling amazing.  :) The twins graduated from preschool and I felt emotional about it along with not feeling well.  I wanted to be running around snapping pictures and I just couldn't do what I wanted to do.  

Day 9:  Feeling so much better emotionally and just feeling like I am coming back to life.  This was at CPK after a doctor's visit. Weston, Mama, and me. 
 I have one drain left (may be removed tomorrow morning). No drains = a shower. Sounds amazing. I still need to get my belly button stitches removed still. The nurse says it doesn't hurt. I will be the judge of that.  I am off painkillers and taking Tylenol twice a day. I feel like I am starting to come back to life. Feels awesome. I am still hunched over since my stomach muscles are really tight. And I mean really tight. I can now relate to old people who walk completely hunched over. Miserable feeling.
As far as my breast augmentation, total breeze.  No bruising, no issues, nothing . I didn't have a lift so I know that is why it has been easier for me.  Truly been no big deal in that department. Thankful. No lipo was done either so that has made it easier on recovery.

The doctor and nurses are so impressed with my results thus far. Very excited.  I wear a very tight compression garment which feels good even though I feel quite hot in it.  Tonight I sat on the edge of the tub and just scrubbed myself all over.  Shaved my legs and it felt amazing. Can't wait for my first real shower.  My mom left today.  Amazing woman and I am so grateful for her.  She has been with me for every major event in my life and has just made things easier.  I love you mama!

Would I do this again?  Oh yes.  In a heartbeat.  To know that excess skin is gone is a wonderful thing.  If I get my drain out tomorrow I will post another video. Stay tuned.  Thanks for being part of my journey. Please email me with any questions.


My sweet five year old twins graduated from preschool on Wednesdays.  So bittersweet about them heading into Kindergarten!  They are ready though!

So thankful for amazing preschool teachers. 

Mind you I am 8 days post op surgery taking these photos.  Makenna's face is exactly how I was feeling!

What a week!  I am ready to continue healing as we head into summer.  Happy June!!


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