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My Family


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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Flying by

Summer is flying by.  I was looking at my Summer Bucket List last night wondering what things we haven't done yet. Several things have been crossed off the list.  A few things left to do. One is watch a sunrise.  Must do this!  
 The kids are at a really fun age to enjoy most things. I like keeping busy.  The kids fight less, and I keep my sanity.  Win win for everyone.  

This week was full of trail walks to Starbucks, swimming, golfing, and playing with friends.  Just what summer should be. 

Makenna made a new friend. I love that.  I actually lived across the way from her mom in college!  Small world!  They played with their babies and did dress up each day while their brothers swam.  So sweet. I hope they are in the same Kinder class next year!

The littlest one had swim lessons this week.  When I scheduled lessons I forgot the kids will be at my parents all next week which means no second week of swim lessons.  Boo!  He loved being in the water and realizing that there is nothing to be scared of when you go underwater. Miss Tamera is awesome!

Trying something new with the kids is one of the best things.  I took them miniature golfing in Sacramento and they loved every moment! We will definitely be going again soon!

Sometimes a picture of your feet to prove you were there works, right?

My three little golfers.

Morgan and Weston. Little swimmers and little buds.  Not sure what face Weston is making here!


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